Routern is a portmanteau. It is made by morphing two words: route and tern. Route is defined as a way or a course taken to go from a starting point to a destination. Tern on the other hand refers to the Arctic Tern, a highly migratory seabird that travels an average of 90,000 km every year.


We are a team of excel sheet ninjas and code junkies united by the love of travelling. We, at Routern, truly believe that experiences make us human. And what better way to experience than with travel.


Routern, as a company, epitomizes the definition and spirit of the two words that blend to form it. Not only does Routern empower the traveler to travel easy, but also to choose their own destinations with personalized routes. Powered with an extensive database of places and backed by a robust technological foundation, Routern envisions making every corner of the world accessible to human beings.
Spin the globe and travel to the place you land, it's time to get away.